Rare Breed Chickens

We are currently raising the following rare breed chickens:

Black Langshan + Blue Langshan

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Listed as “threatened” by the Livestock Conservancy. Black Langshans are Asiatic Chickens originating in China many years ago. They are tall and upright with roosters weighing 9.5 pounds. They are very hardy and do well free range as well as in confinement. They lay many large dark brown eggs and have meaty chests full of very white meat.

Silver Laced Orpingtons


Fibro Melanistic Chickens:

Ayam Cemani


Is a very rare breed of chicken from Indonesia. They are a fibro melanistic which means that are black all over. The skin, bones, muscle, organ  – all of it!  They are highly regarded in other countries as well as the United States and are one of the most rare and expensive chickens in the world.

Pay Lay Hmong


One of my favorites! Pay Lay Hmong is a very rare breed of chicken that is a cousin to the Ayam Cemani and the Svart Honas. They too are a black boned chicken however Hmong roosters are brightly colored.

Korean Ogye Yeonsan


This is a small ancient chicken dating back to middle ages. While the origin is unknown it’s possibly linked to the Ayam Cemani, however it has a less gamey appearance. It is also a fibromelanistic chicken.